Statement Regarding Lea Ann Jackson

Recently a person associated with a Town of Luther employee sent an email to the place of employment of someone volunteering for our town. This email questioned the appropriateness of the volunteer working on town related items.

The board of trustees has whole heartedly agreed that is a great benefit to the Town of Luther to have Lea Ann Jackson assisting with the budget. Not only is Mrs. Jackson supremely qualified to do this type of work, but she is volunteering to do this work for free.

Anyone with the best interest of the Town of Luther should be more than grateful for her voluntary service as it is saving the town thousands of dollars. We must all work together to make this town better for all citizens.

As notice:  The board will be conducting a review of employee policies, implementing a revised employee handbook, and will be strictly enforcing those rules and procedures for all town employees and volunteers.

Any unprofessional behavior among town employees will result in immediate employment consequences.

Again, thank you Mrs. Jackson for your hard work and dedication to the Town of Luther. On the behalf of the Board of Trustees, I apologize that you were the subject of this unprofessional act.

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