June 29 Meeting Notes

These notes were taken by Mayor Jenni White during the June 29, 2017 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Meeting Agenda


Billy Carter with OMAG – does have a GPS program with OMAG. They put GPS in police cars and then pay for unlimited data usage on the cars. It won’t cost us anything for one year. They do this to cut down on claims. Paid out 5.5 million dollars in claims. 1.7 million in claims after GPS. Is an ex-officer. Is a driving instructor. He found that the majority of officers that die die in a police car – single vehicle accident not wearing a seat belt. Started offering this to municipality to help safety for the police officers. Only officers Oliver and Butler here today. Can set a top speed of the vehicle. It sends the supervisor a text if they go over that speed limit. It’s the supervisors job to find out why the car is going that fast. Can set the speed limits for notice. Some policies in Oklahoma are stating that for a routine call, officers cannot exceed 20 miles over the speed limit. Doesn’t have anything to do with insurance rates. Only data is looked at. Can set geobarriers to determine where the unit is. This is only for safety and liability reasons not for spying. If someone in the community complains about a car’s speed, you can use a speed report to exonerate officer. Can go back through the data for several months and pull a report from the GPS. Management purposes GPS can be used to see everything that happened on the car. Shows miles driven, how long the car was idling. If the car was idling longer than driving, maybe that idling time needs to be cut down to save gas. They do have a model policy that they provide with the service regarding employment of officers.

GPS box is free to the law enforcement agency. Data is about 29 dollars per month for each vehicle. Installation is up to us. County sheriff has been putting them in. County can see all the units if we give them a password. If a car turns on their lights it is recorded as well. No programs for fire. Cities have installed their own but OMAG doesn’t provide it just for police because it’s their worst claim.

AIROSURF should have been ATLINK and ATLINK wasn’t notified to attend. Jonathan made some short comments regarding upgrades.  226 residents are effected by the water tower. Contract ended Saturday. The contract is an annual renewal even though it is a four year contract.

Dawn Shelton: report. Pecan Festival. When the Crouch’s open their pecan orchard in the fall, people come buy their pecans and leave. Art show, vendors, etc. Friday, November 17 at 6pm and Saturday, November 18 at 6pm. Dawn provided information on the Festival and asked our help. SPYFM can come and promote. The Town has said we will help.

10: passed

11: passed

12: passed

13: lose our support if we don’t renew the contract. Expires April 30 of 2018 with a start date of May 1st 2017. Will try to change contract to July 1st through June 30th. No action. Must go on the agenda for next month.

14: Todd Young changed quickbooks to a desktop from 499.95 discounted to 299 on Amazon 339 at Sams. Price is for one license. Can put on two computers but only one user. Can store the data online free cloud so that the CPA and the Town can use it instead of sending it back and forth. Upgrades aren’t necessary but add additional controls for security but those updates are usually only once a month. Online included a lot of programs they didn’t use at the CPA and the desktop is a onetime charge. Drop box.

15: yes

16: Yes

17: yes

18: approved and signed with emergency

19: approved and signed with emergency


  1. Ron Henry brought up that we need to fund the Rainy Day Fund. Will be on the agenda for next meeting.
  2. Roy. There has not been anymore communication between the two attorneys on the bank swap because the Town was working on collecting more information. The bank is growing – doubled in size. They need to have more offices. We are running out of parking. 12 employees that are trying to park. 4 behind the bank, 3 in the front. The new businesses making parking a premium. This was the cause for the change. Would like to incorporate a drive-through with the main facility. Would like to have something on the highway but it doesn’t have to be. The tennis courts are not being utilized by the town and the Town Hall is small and in need of repair. The Town moves into the bank building and they move into another building.
    1. The appraisal on the land was 163,350
    2. The appraisal on the building was 301,200 and included all fixture and furnishings $39,350 and it does include a generator.
    3. What would you do with the drive-through – don’t have a plan in place for that.
    4. The street will remain in front of the proposed bank, but would shift it closer to the DG building.
    5. Ronnie: looking at the future for the town and 5-10 years down the road. Two buildings are owned by the Town. Hold on to the land, redo the budget to save 30-50K per year, then in several years we have a state of the art building with the police and maintainance all together. Let’s stay with the status quo and save money in the budget and take that savings and put it in a fund to build our own building.
    6. Andy McDaniel asked if anyone in the area had been asked about whether or not they want the bank. Would the bank be willing to give up asking for less than 3 acres of the bank.
      1. Mr. Roy has said they have not contacted anyone to even put the plans together for a building so they have no footprint they just had to start somewhere and threw that out
      2. Mr. McDaniels is asking for the bank to talk to the residents in the area and is wondering whether it will effect their property value and is concerned about the impingement on the park with the building of the bank. We’re giving away what little green space we have. How did the Town come up with that property anyway? What was the agreement when the property was deeded to the Town?
  • Ron Henry believes the property is owned by a rural water district. Trandy is looking up.
  1. LeaAnn, the town owns a lot of property we have property that we own that we could develop in the same area.
  2. Andy is saying that there isn’t really more property around town. He sold his property to move closer to the park and the park is important to the town. He loves the bank but three acres is a lot of property.
  3. Mrs. Schinn Lives in the neighborhood and says that kids use that space a lot. Just because the town sold the property to WalMart does that make the whole area commercial?
  • Trandy saying that the planning commission has a bad zoning map and we’re concerned with that as well. We moved there assuming it was a residential area and it was close to the park and the traffic use has gone up there.
  • Brandon Rogers works at the bank – was on the planning commission and knows there are no zoning maps and this is a problem.
  1. Kim says that for a town to liquidate an asset you have to surplus or you put it on a ballot.
  2. LeaAnn was on the board when the little league field was sold, was new to the board, at no point was any question raised and she was under the impression that it was all being handled correctly because the Town attorney allowed it to happen. Does the statute allow?
  1. Roy, this is not a drop-dead situation. They do not have to trade their fully functioning building to the town. They saw it as a win/win for the town. They can find other places to build, they did not anticipate leaving Luther.
  2. Jason, the current building is in disrepair and it will fall down.
  3. Couch the property is very valuable and the decision must be what is best for the town.
  4. McDaniels said that this area is the only area above flood zone and he has found maps indicating that the other area was flood plane.
  5. Leslie – we know the town needs revenue but the bank loans money and the home loan department is moving. If we don’t get the land by the tennis court we are moving forward.
  6. They will sell the bank building if they buy other places.
  7. Roy, saving the money to build a building to house all the Town needs will cost a lot of money. The Town is looking at spending one to two million dollars on the building into which they would move.

Jason on b: codification through Sterling or Oklahoma City – Sterling is 4,250 for the first year doing everything. After the first year its 800 to 1000 per year depending upon how much we use them. Otherwise we do them for 12/page with Sterling. Maybe we can get it on electronic file ourselves and then run with it for the 21/page. He is checking on whether we can scan it and get it on the scan. You need to take the book and create it in a word processing format. Ray is saying that we can scan it in ourselves.



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