Can the town attorney answer a personal legal question for me?
No. The Town Attorney cannot provide private legal advice or assistance. The Town Attorney represents the Board of Trustees and Town Employees regarding town matters.

Board of Trustees

When does the Board of Trustees meet?
  • Regular Town and LPWA meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of every month.
  • Planning meetings are conducted on the fourth Thursday of each month.
  • Specials meetings may occur at various times. You can sign up for our newsletter (found in the footer of this website) to be notified in advance for meetings.  
How long is a trustee's term?
Each seat has a four year term.
How do I make an open records request?
Visit Town Hall or email the Town Clerk/Treasurer.  
What is our town's form of government?
Luther operates using a Town Form of Government. Read more about that here.


How do I register my storm shelter?

Fire Department

What are some phone numbers for surrounding fire departments?

Please note that the Town of Luther is NOT responsible for the actions or non-actions of other fire departments. 

In an emergency ALWAYS call 911. 

  • Luther Fire Department:  (405) 277-3833 
  • Hickory Hills Fire Department:  (405) 454-0533
  • Wellston Fire Department: (405) 454-2291
  • Jones Fire Department:  (405) 399-5200
How do I obtain a burn permit?


Does the trash run on Monday, even if it is a holiday?
Yes, they always run on Monday holiday or not.

Planning and Zoning 

How can I find who owns a particular property in Luther?
  • The Oklahoma County Assessor keeps records of property ownership for Oklahoma County. A search can be performed here.
  • The Lincoln County Assessor keeps records of property ownership for Lincoln County. A search can be performed here.
  • The Logan County Assessor keeps records of property ownership for Logan County. A search can be performed here. 

Police Department

What are the phone numbers for hotlines?

Domestic Violence Hotline:
800.522.SAFE (7233)

Report Adult or Child Abuse:

If I pay my citation before my assigned court date, do I still have to appear in court?
No.  If a citation is paid before your scheduled court date, your court appearance is not required. 
Will the violation go on my driving record?

Under Oklahoma law, the court is required to transmit a violation within five (5) days of the final disposition date to the Department of Public Safety.  For additional questions, contact DPS at (405) 425-2059.

What happens if I fail to appear at my arraignment?
If the citation is not paid, a warrant is issued. 
Where can I obtain a copy of my driving record?

A driving record is available at any tag agency.

Can my driver's license be suspended if I'm driving without valid auto insurance?

Yes. Under Oklahoma State Law, a driver is required to carry a valid insurance verification in their vehicle.  If you did not have valid insurance at the time of the stop, you are encouraged to appear in court.

If I have a warrant for my arrest, what are my options?

You can either pay with cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit card at the Court Clerk’s office, or turn yourself into the custody of the Luther Police Department.

Once my warrant is paid and closed, how do I reinstate my driver's license?

When a warrant is paid and closed, the Court Clerk’s office will process a release for the suspended driver’s license.  It is your responsibility to obtain a copy of said release from the Court Clerk’s office.  This release is needed by DPS to reinstate your driver’s license.


As a business owner, how do I get my business in the online community directory?
If you are a Luther based business, email us your information!
Who do I contact about an issue with the website?
Paxton Cavin, trustee, is managing the website. Please email her with your questions and concerns.