Meeting Policies

Board of Trustees for the Town of Luther Meeting Policies

To have the most effective and efficient meetings possible, the Board of Trustees for the Town of Luther have adopted that following policies to govern meeting procedures:

  1. Board members shall submit to the Clerk/Treasurer their agenda items via email;
  2. All agendas shall be published outside of Town Hall, on the Town’s social media channels, and distributed via the email distribution system;
  3. Agenda items that propose an expenditure that exceeds $500 should include multiple options or bids;
  4. Agenda drafts should be circulated to Board members, town attorney, and email distribution list prior to posting;
  5. Only the Town Attorney may comment without recognition from the Board, all others in attendance shall not interrupt Board proceedings;
  6. Public comments shall be limited to two minutes before each agenda item;
  7. Each Trustee shall have the opportunity to address the board and public during the designated Trustee Comments time, these comments shall be limited to one minute per Trustee;
  8. The agendas shall conform to the sample agenda contained in these policies, which comply with Ordinance 2-105;
  9. Policies shall be posted on the website and referenced in agendas.