• Town Clerk/Treasurer

    The Town of Luther is looking to fill the vacant seat of the Town Clerk/Treasurer.

    Person must live within the City Limits.  The person appointed to this postition will serve until the next General Election in April 2017.  Town Clerk/Treasurer postion pays a montly stiffen in the amount of $60.00.  If interested please leave your name and contact information with the Office Manager at Town Hall.

  • Mayor Comments on Recent Water Speculation

    Numerous residents of Luther have expressed concern about the drinking water in town.  This is likely based off of a recent presentation from the Department of Environment Quality.  The report, which can be viewed by clicking here, did not say that the drinking water was unsafe.

    The testing done was a water audit.  The sole reason was to determine if the town was losing revenue from the loss of water from leaks or outdated equipment.  The report indicated that there is water loss occurring but did not indicate that the water is unsafe for drinking or normal use.

    “At this time, the Board of Trustees is not aware of any issues with our water supply and any statement to the contrary is not based off of any scientific research” said Luther Mayor, Lea Ann Jackson.

    For questions, please contact Town Hall.



  • 2015 Town Survey

    The Board of Trustees of the Town of Luther are seeking feedback from those who live or work in Luther. We feel the town is in a position to grow significantly in the near future. It is important that the groundwork is laid now to ensure we are able to capitalize opportunities as they present themselves. This survey is intended to help the Board to consider issues, determine priorities and establish a plan of positive change for the Town. There are questions about each department of the Town’s operations but also a place where you can share general ideas of what you’d like to see done that aren’t for an individual department. The results will be made available to the public using the same methods as used to distribute the survey.